chuckwalla [chuhk-wah-luh] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. an iguanid lizard, Sauromalis obesus, of arid parts of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, that feeds on desert plants.

Origin of chuckwalla 1865–70, Americanism; California Spanish chacahuala Cahuilla čáxwal Examples from the Web for chuckwalla Historical Examples of chuckwalla

  • Here and there a chuckwalla darted across the trail or a rock squirrel sat on his haunches and scolded as we passed.

    I Married a Ranger

    Dama Margaret Smith

  • You’ve had water three times to our once, and yet you go to work and peter out with Chuckwalla Tanks only five miles away.

    The Long Chance

    Peter B. Kyne

  • If we don’t strike water at Chuckwalla Tanks there’ll be real eloquence to that word ‘perhaps.’

    The Long Chance

    Peter B. Kyne

  • British Dictionary definitions for chuckwalla chuckwalla noun

    1. a lizard, Sauromalus obesus, that has an inflatable body and inhabits desert regions of the southwestern US: family Iguanidae (iguanas)

    Word Origin for chuckwalla from Mexican Spanish chacahuala, from Shoshonean tcaxxwal

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