Chur [koo r] Examples noun

  1. a town in and the capital of Grisons, in E Switzerland.

Grisons [French gree-zawn] noun

  1. a canton in E Switzerland. 2747 sq. mi. (7115 sq. km). Capital: Chur.

German Graubünden. Examples from the Web for chur Historical Examples of chur

  • He became a Christian, and was baptized by the Bishop of Chur.

    Tales and Legends of the Tyrol

    A. von Gnther

  • Like Lausanne or Chur or Sitten, the bishop was also a powerful chief.

    Curiosities of Christian History

    Croake James

  • At Chur we slept, and early next morning started for our homeward drive to Davos.

    Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece

    John Addington Symonds

  • He decided that, before quitting Chur, he would borrow money on this ring, or that he would try to sell it.

    Samuel Brohl & Company

    Victor Cherbuliez

  • The morning of the following day the enemy arrived at Chur, whence he proceeded to Berne.

    Samuel Brohl & Company

    Victor Cherbuliez

  • British Dictionary definitions for chur chur sentence substitute NZ

    1. an informal expression of agreement

    Chur noun

    1. a city in E Switzerland, capital of Graubünden canton. Pop: 32 989 (2000)Ancient name: Curia Rhaetorum (ˈkuːrɪə riːˈtəʊrəm, ˈkjuː-) French name: Coire

    Grisons noun

    1. the French name for Graubünden

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