churro [choo r-oh; Spanish choor-raw] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural chur·ros [choo r-ohz; Spanish choor-raws] /ˈtʃʊər oʊz; Spanish ˈtʃur rɔs/. Mexican Cookery.

  1. a long, slender, deep-fried pastry resembling a cruller.

Origin of churro 1885–90, Americanism; Spanish, perhaps after dial. churro name for the inhabitants of the mountainous parts of Valencia (literally, a kind of coarse-wooled sheep), the approximate area where the pastry originated Examples from the Web for churro Historical Examples of churro

  • Lester stood among them, eating a churro in a piece of wax-paper.


    Cory Doctorow

  • I took my churro from the pretty granny and paid her, taking a couple of quick bites of the dough before I turned around.

    Little Brother

    Cory Doctorow

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