1. the red table wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France: originally it was light red or yellowish.
  2. a similar wine made elsewhere.
  3. Also called claret red. a deep purplish red.
  4. Slang. blood.


  1. deep purplish-red.


  1. mainly British a red wine, esp one from the Bordeaux district of France
    1. a purplish-red colour
    2. (as adjective)a claret carpet

mid-15c., “light-colored wine,” from Old French (vin) claret “clear (wine), light-colored red wine” (also “sweetened wine,” a sense in English from late 14c.), from Latin clarus “clear” (see clear (adj.)). Narrowed English meaning “red wine of Bordeaux” (excluding burgundy) first attested 1700. Used in pugilistic slang for “blood” from c.1600.

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