claude lorrain


  1. Also Lor·rain. ClaudeClaude Gelée, 1600–82, French painter.
  2. a medieval kingdom in W Europe along the Moselle, Meuse, and Rhine rivers.
  3. a region in NE France, once included in this kingdom: a former province.Compare Alsace-Lorraine.
  4. a female given name.


  1. real name Claude Gelée. 1600–82, French painter, esp of idealized landscapes, noted for his subtle depiction of light


  1. a region and former province of E France; ceded to Germany in 1871 after the Franco-Prussian war and regained by France in 1919; rich iron-ore depositsGerman name: Lothringen
  2. Kingdom of Lorraine an early medieval kingdom on the Meuse, Moselle, and Rhine rivers: later a duchy
  3. a former duchy in E France, once the S half of this kingdom

region in eastern France, from Medieval Latin Lotharingia, literally “Lothar’s Realm,” name later given to the northern portion of the lands assigned by the Treaty of Verdun (843 C.E.) to Lothair I in the first division of the Carolingian empire. His empire stretched from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Before his death (855 C.E.), Lothair subdivided his lands among his three sons. His son, Lothair (for whom the region is named), was given Lotharingia as his kingdom.

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