Corona shutdown: 12 films to slow down | Movies | DW

Corona shutdown: 12 films to slow down | Movies | KG

Suddenly there is time. Of course, many people currently work in the home office during the day. But the daily leisure activities come to a standstill. And culture only remains an alternative if you can consume it at home. Theaters, cinemas, museums or concert halls are closed.

Cinema history is available on DVD

But watching films is still possible. And the Streaming era is no longer in its infancy. Here are "Netflix"and" Amazon Prime "are far from everything. Providers like "MUBI" enable a selection of artistically high quality films. And there is also the somewhat forgotten DVD or Blu-ray Disc, which can still be ordered online these days. Because only on these media can you see a lot of films from the history of cinema that are not available from the major US streaming providers.

A television screen shows various apps, including the Netflix app (photo: picture-alliance / dpa / A. Warnecke).

The range of Netflix and Co. is huge, but it mainly includes new and English-language productions

That is why we provide a few recommendations for all cineastes for the upcoming long evening hours: films that deal with the exploring what seems to be in abundance – time. They are films about people who think about life, films that touch the essentials, the core of things, that ask questions about the meaning of human existence.

About the art of slowness

You have to get involved with these films, they are not films of fast cuts, rapid montages and fast entertainment. But they give the viewer a sense of time. What do you do with it? Especially when it's suddenly abundant, far from the often hectic everyday life?

Video recorder from Toshiba (photo: AP Graphics).

Antique: Comeback for DVD and Blu-ray players?

Of course, we all still hope for an end to isolation, for a fresh start after the Corona crisis. Therefore, in addition to ten philosophical films about time and time perception, our recommendations also include two current films. They are also characterized by a slow rhythm and are just as focused and intense on their protagonists and tell their stories carefully. We hope, however, that they will soon be seen again where they belong: on the big cinema screen.

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