verb (used with object)

  1. to be or serve as a covering for; extend over; rest on the surface of: Snow covered the fields.
  2. to place something over or upon, as for protection, concealment, or warmth.
  3. to provide with a covering or top: Cover the pot with a lid.
  4. to protect or conceal (the body, head, etc.) with clothes, a hat, etc; wrap.
  5. to bring upon (oneself): He covered himself with glory by his exploits.
  6. to hide from view; screen.
  7. to spread on or over; apply to: to cover bread with honey.
  8. to put all over the surface of: to cover a wall with paint.
  9. to include, deal with, or provide for; address: The rules cover working conditions.
  10. to suffice to defray or meet (a charge, expense, etc.): Ten dollars should cover my expenses.
  11. to offset (an outlay, loss, liability, etc.).
  12. to achieve in distance traversed; pass or travel over: We covered 600 miles a day on our trip.
  13. Journalism.
    1. to act as a reporter or reviewer of (an event, a field of interest, a performance, etc.); have as an assignment: She covers sports for the paper.
    2. to publish or broadcast a report or reports of (a news item, a series of related events, etc.): The press covered the trial in great detail.
  14. to pass or rise over and surmount or envelop: The river covered the town during the flood.
  15. Insurance. to insure against risk or loss.
  16. to shelter; protect; serve as a defense for.
  17. Military.
    1. to be in line with by occupying a position directly before or behind.
    2. to protect (a soldier, force, or military position) during an expected period of ground combat by taking a position from which any hostile troops can be fired upon.
  18. to take temporary charge of or responsibility for in place of another: Please cover my phone while I’m out to lunch.
  19. to extend over; comprise: The book covers 18th-century England.
  20. to be assigned to or responsible for, as a territory or field of endeavor: We have two sales representatives covering the Southwest.
  21. to aim at, as with a pistol.
  22. to have within range, as a fortress does adjacent territory.
  23. to play a card higher than (the one led or previously played in the round).
  24. to deposit the equivalent of (money deposited), as in wagering.
  25. to accept the conditions of (a bet, wager, etc.).
  26. (in short selling) to purchase securities or commodities in order to deliver them to the broker from whom they were borrowed.
  27. Baseball. to take a position close to or at (a base) so as to catch a ball thrown to the base: The shortstop covered second on the attempted steal.
  28. Sports. to guard (an opponent on offense) so as to prevent him or her from scoring or carrying out his or her assignment: to cover a potential pass receiver.
  29. (especially of a male animal) to copulate with.
  30. (of a hen) to brood or sit on (eggs or chicks).

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