noun, plural dair·ies for 1–4.

  1. an establishment, as a room, building, or buildings, where milk and cream are kept and butter and cheese are made.
  2. a shop or company that sells milk, butter, etc.
  3. the business of a dairy farm, concerned with the production and treatment of milk and cream and the manufacture of butter and cheese.
  4. dairy farm.
  5. milk, or products made from or containing milk; dairy products, as butter and cheese: He avoids red meat, processed foods, and dairy in his diet.
  6. (in Jewish dietary law) foods, including all milk products, eggs, fish, vegetables, etc., that may be eaten at a meal in which milk is served, in contrast to meat and meat products, which may not.


  1. of or relating to a dairy or a dairy farm.
  2. relating to or for milk, cream, butter, cheese, etc.: dairy products; the dairy case at a supermarket.
  3. (in Jewish dietary law) of or relating to dairy, in contrast to meat and meat products.

noun plural dairies

  1. a company that supplies milk and milk products
    1. a shop that sells provisions, esp milk and milk products
    2. NZa shop that remains open outside normal trading hours
  2. a room or building where milk and cream are stored or made into butter and cheese
    1. (modifier)of or relating to the production of milk and milk productsdairy cattle
    2. (in combination)a dairymaid; a dairyman
    1. food containing milk or milk productsshe can’t eat dairy
    2. (as modifier)dairy produce

late 13c., “building for making butter and cheese; dairy farm,” formed with Anglo-French -erie affixed to Middle English daie (in daie maid “dairymaid”), from Old English dæge “kneader of bread, housekeeper, female servant” (see dey (n.1)). The purely native word was dey-house.

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