noun Pinyin.

  1. Formerly Lüda. an urban municipality in S Liaoning province, in NE China, on the southern tip of the Liaodong peninsula: comprises the old cities of Dalian and Lüshun, and five adjacent counties. About 1300 sq. mi. (3367 sq. km).
  2. Formerly Japanese, Dairen; Russian, Dalny. an old city in S Liaoning province, in NE China: one of the finest harbors on the E Asian coast; now part of the urban area of Dalian.


  1. a city in NE China, at the end of the Liaodong Peninsula: with the adjoining city of Lüshun comprises the port complex of Lüda. Pop: 2 709 000 (2005 est)Former name: Dairen

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