verb (used without object), dal·lied, dal·ly·ing.

  1. to waste time; loiter; delay.
  2. to act playfully, especially in an amorous or flirtatious way.
  3. to play mockingly; trifle: to dally with danger.

verb (used with object), dal·lied, dal·ly·ing.

  1. to waste (time) (usually followed by away).

verb -lies, -lying or -lied (intr)

  1. to waste time idly; dawdle
  2. (usually foll by with) to deal frivolously or lightly with; trifle; toyto dally with someone’s affections

c.1300, “to talk, converse,” possibly from Anglo-French dalier “to amuse oneself,” of uncertain origin. Sense of “waste time” emerged by late 14c. Related: Dallied; dallying.

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