damn well

damn well

adjective, superlative damned·est, damnd·est.

  1. condemned or doomed, especially to eternal punishment: the wailing of damned souls.
  2. detestable; loathsome: Get that damned dog out of here!
  3. complete; absolute; utter: a damned nuisance; a damned fool.
  4. Informal. extraordinary; amazing: It was the damnedest thing I’d ever seen.


  1. the damned, those condemned to suffer eternal punishment.


  1. extremely; very; absolutely: a damned good singer; too damned lazy.

  1. damned well, Informal. certainly or without doubt; emphatically: You damned well better say you’re sorry!Also damn well.


    1. condemned to hell
    2. (as noun)the damned

adverb, adjective slang

  1. (intensifier)a damned good try; a damned liar; I should damned well think so!
  2. used to indicate amazement, disavowal, or refusal (in such phrases as I’ll be damned and damned if I care)

Also, damned well. Certainly, without doubt; emphatically. For example, You damn well better improve your grades, or I know damned well that he’s leaving me out. The damn in this phrase is mainly an intensifier.

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