daniel webster

daniel webster

< /ˈhɛdʒˌkɒk/, born 1924, U.S. judge and government official: director of the FBI 1978–87 and of the CIA 1987–91.

  • a city in central Massachusetts.
  • Also Web·ster’s. Informal. a dictionary of the English language.
  • noun

    1. an archaic word for weaver (def. 1)


    1. Daniel. 1782–1852, US politician and orator
    2. John. ?1580–?1625, English dramatist, noted for his revenge tragedies The White Devil (?1612) and The Duchess of Malfi (?1613)
    3. Noah. 1758–1843, US lexicographer, famous for his American Dictionary of the English Language (1828)

    “a weaver,” Old English webbestre “a female weaver,” from web (q.v.) + fem. suffix -ster. Noah Webster’s dictionary first published 1828.

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