noun Martial Arts.

  1. a degree of expertise in karate, judo, tae kwon do, etc., usually signified by the wearing of a cloth belt of a particular color; level: a sixth-degree dan.


  1. a son of Jacob and Bilhah. Gen. 30:6.
  2. one of the 12 tribes of Israel, traditionally descended from him.
  3. the northernmost city of ancient Palestine.
  4. a male given name, form of Daniel.

  1. from Dan to Beersheba, from one outermost extreme or limit to the other. Judges 20:1.

noun Archaic.

  1. a title of honor equivalent to master or sir: Dan Chaucer.


  1. an archaic title of honour, equivalent to Master or SirDan Chaucer

noun Old Testament

    1. the fourth son of Jacob (Genesis 30:1–6)
    2. the tribe descended from him
  1. a city in the northern territory of Canaan


  1. a small buoy used as a marker at seaAlso called: dan buoy

noun martial arts

  1. any one of the 10 black-belt grades of proficiency
  2. a competitor entitled to dan grading

title of address to members of religious orders, c.1300, from Old French dan (Modern French dom), from Latin dominus “lord” (source of Portuguese don, Spanish don, Italian donno; see don (n.)).


familiar form of masc. proper name Daniel.


name of one of the 12 tribes of ancient Israel or its territory, named for its founder; literally “he who judges,” related to Hebrew din “to judge.” In the Old Testament, it occupied the northernmost part of Israel, hence its use proverbially for “utmost extremity,” e.g. in from Dan to Beersheba (the southernmost region), 1738.


  1. 1-dimethylaminonaphthalene-5-sulfonic acid; a green fluorescing compound used in immunohistochemistry to detect antigens.

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