Dates 4: Activists block Uniper headquarters

Dates 4: Activists block Uniper headquarters

Around 200 activists from the organization Extinction rebellion blocked the road in front of the German Uniper headquarters in Düsseldorf in the morning to protest against the commissioning of the coal-fired power plant "Datteln 4". The protesters also poured a ton of hard coal in front of the company's driveway.

"We demand Uniper to stop the hostile business practices associated with human rights violations and environmental degradation, "said an activist. Uniper must end coal-fired power generation.

"Datteln 4" is coming online this summer, although the government has decided to phase out coal power this year. Environmental activists interpret this as a symbol of "failure in climate policy".

According to the extinction rebellion, the hard coal for "Datteln 4" comes from Russia, South Africa and Colombia and is often at the expense of the population. Local residents are sometimes driven out, workers in the coal mines sometimes have to work under life-threatening conditions, it said.

The federal government argues that the commissioning of "Datteln 4" had been planned for years. In addition, the power plant is far more efficient than many older boilers that are switched off at the same time.

The Uniper group argues that, because of the high effectiveness of "Datteln 4", the bottom line is that even CO2 can be saved. The power plant also feeds waste heat from its production into the district heating network. This can heat up to 100,000 households.

With Extinction Rebellion you see it differently. "The cheap and dirty electricity is pushing greener alternatives out of the market," says one of the activists. "Datteln 4 shows that short-term corporate interests are more important than social consensus and climate protection."

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