verb (used with object), dazed, daz·ing.

  1. to stun or stupefy with a blow, shock, etc.: He was dazed by a blow on the head.
  2. to overwhelm; dazzle: The splendor of the palace dazed her.


  1. a dazed condition; state of bemusement: After meeting the author, I was in a daze for a week.

verb (tr)

  1. to stun or stupefy, esp by a blow or shock
  2. to bewilder, amaze, or dazzle


  1. a state of stunned confusion or shock (esp in the phrase in a daze)

“a dazed condition,” 1825, from daze (v.).


early 14c., dasen, perhaps from Old Norse *dasa (cf. dasask “to become weary,” with reflexive suffix -sk). Or perhaps from Middle Dutch dasen “act silly.” Perhaps originally “to make weary with cold,” which is the sense of Icelandic dasask (from the Old Norse word). Related: Dazed.

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