1. something that is owed or that one is bound to pay to or perform for another: a debt of $50.
  2. a liability or obligation to pay or render something: My debt to her for advice is not to be discharged easily.
  3. the condition of being under such an obligation: His gambling losses put him deeply in debt.
  4. Theology. an offense requiring reparation; a sin; a trespass.


  1. something that is owed, such as money, goods, or services
  2. bad debt a debt that has little or no prospect of being paid
  3. an obligation to pay or perform something; liability
  4. the state of owing something, esp money, or of being under an obligation (esp in the phrases in debt, in (someone’s) debt)
  5. a temporary failure to maintain the necessary supply of somethingsleep debt; oxygen debt

late 13c., dette, from Old French dete, from Latin debitum “thing owed,” neuter past participle of debere “to owe,” originally, “keep something away from someone,” from de- “away” (see de-) + habere “to have” (see habit). Restored spelling after c.1400.


  1. Something that is deficient or required to restore a normal state.

Money, goods, or services owed by an individual, firm, or government to another individual, firm, or government.

see head over heels (in debt).

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