verb (used with object), de·cod·ed, de·cod·ing.

  1. to translate (data or a message) from a code into the original language or form.
  2. to extract meaning from (spoken or written symbols).
  3. Television. to unscramble (an electronic signal) so as to provide a video picture for cable subscribers.

verb (used without object), de·cod·ed, de·cod·ing.

  1. to work at decoding.


  1. to convert (a message, text, etc) from code into ordinary language
  2. computing to convert (coded characters) from one form to another, as from binary-coded decimals to decimal numbersCompare encode (def. 2)
  3. electronics to convert (a coded electrical signal) into normal analogue components
  4. to analyse and understand the construction of words and phrases, esp in a foreign language

1896, from de- + code. Related: Decoded; decoding.

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