definite integral

definite integral

noun Mathematics.

  1. the representation, usually in symbolic form, of the difference in values of a primitive of a given function evaluated at two designated points.


  1. maths
    1. the evaluation of the indefinite integral between two limits, representing the area between the given function and the x- axis between these two values of x
    2. the expression for that function, ʃ b a f (x) dx, where f (x) is the given function and x = a and x = b are the limits of integration. Where F (x) = ʃ f (x) dx, the indefinite integral, ʃ b a f (x) dx = F (b) –F (a)

  1. The difference between the values of an indefinite integral evaluated at each of two limit points, usually expressed in the form ∫baƒ(x)dx. The result of performing the integral is a number that represents the area bounded by the curve of ƒ(x) between the limits and the x-axis if f(x) is greater than or equal to zero between the limits.
  2. The result of an integration performed on a fixed interval.

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