noun, plural dem·os.

  1. demonstration(defs 4, 6).
  2. demonstrator(def 5).
  3. a recording of a new song or of one performed by an unknown singer or singing group, distributed to disc jockeys, recording companies, etc., to demonstrate the merits of the song or performer.
  4. demolition(def 1): He does flooring and demo for a living.

verb (used with object), dem·oed, dem·o·ing.

  1. to try out or exhibit the use of (a product, process, or the like): You can demo the game without downloading or buying it.
  2. to record (a song) to demonstrate the merits of the song or performer.

noun plural -os informal

  1. short for demonstration (def. 4)
    1. a demonstration record or tape, used for audition purposes
    2. a demonstration of a prototype system
  2. US short for demonstrator (def. 3)

short for demonstration (tape, disc, etc.). Music recording given out for promotional purposes, 1963. The word was used earlier to mean “a public political demonstration” (1936).

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