< /ˌdi məˈnaɪ ə kəl/.

  1. of, relating to, or like a demon; demonic: demoniac laughter.
  2. possessed by or as by an evil spirit; raging; frantic.


  1. a person seemingly possessed by a demon or evil spirit.

adjective also: demoniacal (ˌdiːməˈnaɪəkəl)

  1. of, like, or suggestive of a demon; demonic
  2. suggesting inner possession or inspirationthe demoniac fire of genius
  3. frantic; frenzied; feverishdemoniac activity


  1. a person possessed by an evil spirit or demon

c.1400, “possessed, insane,” earlier (late 14c.) as a noun, “one who is possessed,” from Late Latin daemoniacus (c.200), from Greek daimoniakos “possessed by a demon,” from diamon (see demon).

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