1. a heavy, Z-twist, twill cotton for jeans, overalls, and other work and leisure garments.
  2. a similar fabric of finer quality, for covering cushions, furniture, etc.
  3. denims, (used with a plural verb) a garment, especially trousers or overalls, made of denim.

pl n

  1. jeans or overalls made of denim

noun textiles

    1. a hard-wearing twill-weave cotton fabric used for trousers, work clothes, etc
    2. (as modifier)a denim jacket
    1. a similar lighter fabric used in upholstery
    2. (as modifier)denim cushion covers

1690s, from French serge de Nîmes “serge from Nîmes,” town in southern France. Application to “coarse cotton cloth” is first recorded 1850 in American English. Denims “pants made of denim” recorded from 1868. The place name is Roman Nemausus, said to be ultimately from Gaulish nemo “sanctuary.”

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