noun Dentistry.

  1. the hard, calcareous tissue, similar to but denser than bone, that forms the major portion of a tooth, surrounds the pulp cavity, and is situated beneath the enamel and cementum.


  1. the calcified tissue surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth and comprising the bulk of the tooth

also dentine, the hard substance in teeth, 1836, from comb. form of Latin dens (genitive dentis) “tooth” (see tooth) + chemical suffix -in (2).


  1. The main, calcareous part of a tooth, beneath the enamel and surrounding the pulp chamber and root canals.

  1. The main bony part of a tooth beneath the enamel, surrounding the pulp chamber and root canals.

The hard, bony material beneath the enamel of a tooth. The bulk of a tooth is made up of dentin.

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