noun, plural de·pend·en·cies.

  1. the state of being dependent; dependence.
  2. something dependent or subordinate; appurtenance.
  3. an outbuilding or annex.
  4. a subject territory that is not an integral part of the ruling country.

noun plural -cies

  1. a territory subject to a state on which it does not border
  2. a dependent or subordinate person or thing
  3. psychol overreliance by a person on another person or on a drug, etc
  4. another word for dependence

early variant of dependency, rare since c.1800; see -ance.

1590s (adj.), 1610s (n.); see dependent + -cy. Originally also dependancy, on the French model, but the Latinate form gradually pushed this into disuse; see -ance. Meaning “territory subordinate to another nation” is recorded from 1680s.

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