verb (used without object)

  1. to rely; place trust (usually followed by on or upon): You may depend on the accuracy of the report.
  2. to rely for support, maintenance, help, etc. (usually followed by on or upon): Children depend on their parents.
  3. to be conditioned or contingent (usually followed by on or upon): His success here depends upon effort and ability.
  4. to be undetermined or pending: I may go to Europe or I may not, it all depends.
  5. Grammar. (of a word or other linguistic form) to be subordinate to another linguistic form in the same construction; to form a part of a construction other than the head.
  6. to hang down; be suspended (usually followed by from): The chandelier depends from the ceiling of the ballroom.

verb (intr)

  1. (foll by on or upon) to put trust (in); rely (on); be sure (of)
  2. (usually foll by on or upon; often with it as subject) to be influenced or determined (by); be resultant (from)whether you come or not depends on what father says; it all depends on you
  3. (foll by on or upon) to rely (on) for income, support, etc
  4. (foll by from) rare to hang down; be suspended
  5. to be undecided or pending

early 15c., “to be attached to as a condition or cause,” a figurative use, from Middle French dependre, literally “to hang from, hang down,” from Latin dependere “to hang from, hang down; be dependent on, be derived,” from de- “from, down” (see de-) + pendere “to hang, be suspended” (see pendant). Related: Depended; depending.

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