Deutsche Bahn: The railways get more money in Bavaria

Deutsche Bahn: The railways get more money in Bavaria

It has been since October 2009 Federal Ministry of Transport firmly in the hands of Bavarian members of the CSU: Peter Ramsauer, Alexander Dobrindt and current Andreas Scheuer, The top of the Christian Socialists like to take up this post. Because the strategists in Munich know that with more than 30 billion euros there is more money to be distributed annually than in any other ministry in Berlin.

But where do the funds go? According to the Greens in the Bundestag to Bavaria. How to invest Deutsche Bahn a lot of money in the Bavarian rail network. In the period from 2009 to 2018, a total of three billion euros flowed from the federal budget to Bavaria. The more populous North Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, only received 519 million euros.

This emerges from a response from the Federal Government to a request from the Greens, which is available to SPIEGEL and Bayerischer Rundfunk. According to this, between 2014 and 2019 243 bridges were repaired in Bavaria, in Baden-Württemberg there were 68. The same picture at the train stations: with 131 renovated buildings, Bavaria is far ahead of Hesse with 36 and NRW with 67. This shows a similar picture as in traffic, where an above average amount of money flows towards the Free State.

The Federal Ministry of Transport of Christian Social Andreas Scheuer, however, rejects a connection between the party and the ministry. "The distribution of investment funds corresponds to the necessary financing needs," said a spokesman on request.

For the Green MP Oliver Krischer, however, the numbers indicate "preferential treatment". The transport expert told SPIEGEL: "The CSU transport ministers consider it their main task to organize the outflow of federal funds to Bavaria." The extent borders on "organized looting".

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