< /daɪˈæs təˌsiz/.

  1. Medicine/Medical. the separation of normally joined parts, as in the dislocation of bones, without fracture.
  2. Physiology. the diastolic rest period immediately preceding systole.

noun plural -ses (-ˌsiːz)

  1. pathol
    1. the separation of an epiphysis from the long bone to which it is normally attached without fracture of the bone
    2. the separation of any two parts normally joined
  2. physiol the last part of the diastolic phase of the heartbeat


  1. Separation of normally joined parts, such as the separation of certain abdominal muscles during pregnancy.divarication
  2. The last stage of diastole in the heart, occurring just before contraction and during which little additional blood enters the ventricle.
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