verb (used without object)

  1. to deal, swap, or trade with petty bargaining; bargain; haggle.
  2. to barter.
  3. to try to arrange matters by mutual bargaining: They dickered for hours over some of the finer points of the contract.


  1. a petty bargain.
  2. a barter or swap.
  3. an item or goods bartered or swapped.
  4. a deal, especially a political deal.


  1. the number or quantity ten, especially a lot of ten hides or skins.


  1. to trade (goods) by bargaining; barter
  2. (intr) to negotiate a political deal


    1. a petty bargain or barter
    2. the item or items bargained or bartered
  1. a political deal or bargain

“haggle, bargain in a petty way,” 1802, American English, perhaps from dicker (n.) “a unit or package of tens,” especially hides (attested from late 13c.), perhaps from Latin decuria “parcel of ten” (supposedly a unit of barter on the Roman frontier; cf. German Decher “set of ten things”), from decem “ten” (see ten) on model of centuria from centum.

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