noun, plural di·dos, di·does. Usually didos, didoes. Informal.

  1. a mischievous trick; prank; antic.
  2. a bauble or trifle.


  1. Phoenician Elissa. Classical Mythology. a queen of Carthage who killed herself when abandoned by Aeneas.
  2. a female given name.

noun plural -dos or -does (usually plural) informal

  1. an antic; prank; trick


  1. classical myth a princess of Tyre who founded Carthage and became its queen. Virgil tells of her suicide when abandoned by her lover Aeneas

“prank, caper,” 1807, American English slang, perhaps from the name of the Carthaginian queen in the “Aeneid.” Usually in phrase to cut didoes.

In Roman mythology, the founder and queen of Carthage in north Africa. She committed suicide in grief over the departure of her lover, the hero Aeneas.

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