adjective Also di·e·tet·i·cal.

  1. pertaining to diet or to regulation of the use of food.
  2. prepared or suitable for special diets, especially those requiring a restricted sugar intake: a jar of dietetic jelly.


  1. dietetics, (used with a singular verb) the science concerned with the nutritional planning and preparation of foods.


  1. (functioning as singular) the scientific study and regulation of food intake and preparation


  1. denoting or relating to diet or the regulation of food intake
  2. prepared for special dietary requirements

1540s, see dietetic + -ics.


1570s, from Latin diaeteticus, from Greek diaitetikos “of or pertaining to diet,” from diaita (see diet (1)). As a noun from 1759.


  1. The branch of therapeutics concerned with the practical application of diet in relation to health and disease.


  1. Of or relating to diet.
  2. Of or being a food that, naturally or through processing, has a low caloric content.

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