1. a person or an animal that digs.
  2. a tool, part of a machine, etc., for digging.
  3. (initial capital letter) Disparaging. Also called Digger Indian. a member of any of several Indian peoples of western North America, especially of a tribe that dug roots for food.
  4. an Australian or New Zealand soldier of World War I.
  5. (initial capital letter) English History. a member of a group that advocated the abolition of private property and began in 1649 to cultivate certain common lands.
  6. Slang. a person hired by a scalper to buy tickets to a show or performance for resale by the scalper at inflated prices.


  1. a person, animal, or machine that digs
  2. a miner, esp one who digs for gold
  3. a tool or part of a machine used for excavation, esp a mechanical digger fitted with a head for digging trenches


  1. (sometimes not capital) archaic, slang
    1. an Australian or New Zealander, esp a soldier: often used as a term of address
    2. (as modifier)a Digger accent
  2. one of a number of tribes of America whose diet was largely composed of roots dug out of the ground

mid-15c., “one who digs,” agent noun from dig (v.). The communistic movement in England so called from 1649.

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