1. a small, natural hollow area or crease, permanent or transient, in some soft part of the human body, especially one formed in the cheek in smiling.
  2. any similar slight depression.

verb (used with object), dim·pled, dim·pling.

  1. to mark with or as if with dimples; produce dimples in: A smile dimpled her face.
  2. Metalworking.
    1. to dent (a metal sheet) so as to permit use of bolts or rivets with countersunk heads.
    2. to mark (a metal object) with a drill point as a guide for further drilling.

verb (used without object), dim·pled, dim·pling.

  1. to form or show dimples.


  1. a small natural dent or crease in the flesh, esp on the cheeks or chin
  2. any slight depression in a surface
  3. a bubble or dent in glass


  1. to make or become dimpled
  2. (intr) to produce dimples by smiling

1570s (implied in dimpled), from dimple (n.).


c.1400, perhaps existing in Old English as a word meaning “pothole,” perhaps ultimately from Proto-Germanic *dumpilaz, which has yielded words in other languages meaning “small pit, little pool” (e.g. German Tümpel “pool,” Middle Low German dümpelen, Dutch dompelen “to plunge”). Related: Dimples.


  1. A small natural indentation in the chin, cheek, or sacral region, probably due to some developmental fault in the subcutaneous connective tissue or in underlying bone.
  2. A depression of similar appearance resulting from trauma or the contraction of scar tissue.

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