1. a loud, confused noise; a continued loud or tumultuous sound; noisy clamor.

verb (used with object), dinned, din·ning.

  1. to assail with din.
  2. to sound or utter with clamor or persistent repetition.

verb (used without object), dinned, din·ning.

  1. to make a din.


  1. a formerly used logarithmic expression of the speed of a photographic film, plate, etc, given as –10log 10 E, where E is the exposure of a point 0.1 density units above the fog level; high-speed films have high numbersCompare ISO rating
  2. a system of standard plugs, sockets, and cables formerly used for interconnecting domestic audio and video equipment


  1. a loud discordant confused noise

verb dins, dinning or dinned

  1. (tr usually foll by into) to instil (into a person) by constant repetition
  2. (tr) to subject to a din
  3. (intr) to make a din

noun Judaism

  1. a particular religious law; the halacha about something
  2. the ruling of a Beth Din or religious court


  1. Islam religion in general, esp the beliefs and obligations of Islam

Old English dyne (n.), dynian (v.), from Proto-Germanic *duniz (cf. Old Norse dynr, Danish don, Middle Low German don “noise”), from PIE root *dwen- “to make noise” (cf. Sanskrit dhuni “roaring, a torrent”).

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