1. of, relating to, or honoring Dionysus or Bacchus.
  2. recklessly uninhibited; unrestrained; undisciplined; frenzied; orgiastic.


  1. of or relating to Dionysus
  2. (sometimes not capital) (in the philosophy of Nietzsche) of or relating to the set of creative qualities that encompasses spontaneity, irrationality, the rejection of discipline, etc
  3. (often not capital) wild or orgiastic
  4. of or relating to any of the historical characters named Dionysius

of or pertaining to Dionysos, Greek god of wine and revelry, identified with Roman Bacchus. His name is of unknown origin. Or in reference to historical men named Dionysius such as the tyrants of Syracuse and especially Dionysius Exiguus (see A.D.), e.g. Dionysian period of 532 Julian years, when the moon phases recur on the same days of the week.

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