verb (used with object), dis·con·tin·ued, dis·con·tin·u·ing.

  1. to put an end to; stop; terminate: to discontinue nuclear testing.
  2. to cease to take, use, subscribe to, etc.: to discontinue a newspaper.
  3. Law. to terminate or abandon (a suit, claim, or the like).

verb (used without object), dis·con·tin·ued, dis·con·tin·u·ing.

  1. to come to an end or stop; cease; desist.

verb -ues, -uing or -ued

  1. to come or bring to an end; interrupt or be interrupted; stop
  2. (tr) law to terminate or abandon (an action, suit, etc)

late 14c., from Old French discontinuer (14c.), from Medieval Latin discontinuare, from dis- “not” (see dis-) + Latin continuare “to continue” (see continue). Related: Discontinued; discontinuity; discontinuous; discontinuation.

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