verb (used with object), dis·o·bliged, dis·o·blig·ing.

  1. to refuse or neglect to oblige; act contrary to the desire or convenience of; fail to accommodate.
  2. to give offense to; affront: to be disobliged by a tactless remark.
  3. to cause inconvenience to; incommode: to be disobliged by an uninvited guest.

verb (tr)

  1. to disregard the desires of
  2. to slight; insult
  3. informal to cause trouble or inconvenience to

c.1600, “to free from obligation;” 1630s, “to refuse to oblige,” from French désobliger (c.1300), from des- (see dis-) + Latin obligare (see oblige). Related: Disobliged; disobliging.

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