1. Also called trial docket. a list of cases in court for trial, or the names of the parties who have cases pending.
  2. Chiefly British.
    1. an official memorandum or entry of proceedings in a legal cause.
    2. a register of such entries.
    3. any of various certificates or warrants giving the holder right to obtain, buy, or move goods that are controlled by the government, as a custom-house docket certifying duty has been paid.
  3. the list of business to be transacted by a board, council, legislative assembly, or the like.
  4. British. a writing on a letter or document stating its contents; any statement of particulars attached to a package, envelope, etc.; a label or ticket.

verb (used with object), dock·et·ed, dock·et·ing.

  1. Law. to enter in the docket of the court.
  2. Law. to make an abstract or summary of the heads of, as a document; abstract and enter in a book: judgments regularly docketed.
  3. to endorse (a letter, document, etc.) with a memorandum.


  1. mainly British a piece of paper accompanying or referring to a package or other delivery, stating contents, delivery instructions, etc, sometimes serving as a receipt
  2. law
    1. an official summary of the proceedings in a court of justice
    2. a register containing such a summary
  3. British
    1. a customs certificate declaring that duty has been paid
    2. a certificate giving particulars of a shipment and allowing its holder to obtain a delivery order
  4. a summary of contents, as in a document
  5. US a list of things to be done
  6. US law
    1. a list of cases awaiting trial
    2. the names of the parties to pending litigation

verb (tr)

  1. to fix a docket to (a package, etc)
  2. law
    1. to make a summary of (a document, judgment, etc)
    2. to abstract and enter in a book or register
  3. to endorse (a document, etc) with a summary

mid-15c., “a summary or abstract,” of unknown origin, perhaps a diminutive form related to dock (v.). An early form was doggette. Meaning “list of lawsuits to be tried” is from 1709.

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