noun, plural dog·gies.

  1. a little dog or a puppy.
  2. a pet term for any dog.

adjective, dog·gi·er, dog·gi·est.

  1. of or relating to a dog: a doggy smell.
  2. fond of dogs: tweedy, doggy people.
  3. pretentious; ostentatious.

noun plural -gies

  1. a children’s word for a dog


  1. of, like, or relating to a dog
  2. fond of dogs

also doggie, 1825, from dog (n.) + -y (3). Doggy-bag attested from 1965. As an adj. doggy is attested from late 14c., from -y (2). The word has been used in various formations since at least late 19c. to describe the sex act when one partner is on all fours.

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