noun, plural dog·hous·es [dog-hou-ziz, dog-] /ˈdɒgˌhaʊ zɪz, ˈdɒg-/.

  1. a small shelter for a dog.
  2. (on a yacht) a small cabin that presents a relatively high profile and gives the appearance of a box.Compare trunk cabin.
  3. Rocketry Slang. a bulge on the surface of a rocket or missile, for scientific instruments.
  1. in the doghouse, Slang. in disfavor or disgrace.


  1. US and Canadian a hutlike shelter for a dogAlso called (in Britain and certain other countries): kennel
  2. informal disfavour (in the phrase in the doghouse)

1610s, from dog (n.) + house (n.). Originally a kennel; the backyard type, for a single animal, is late 19c. Figurative sense of “disgrace” is from 1932.

see in the doghouse.

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