dopey or dop·y [doh-pee] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for dopey on adjective, dop·i·er, dop·i·est. Informal.

  1. stupid; inane: It was rather dopey of him to lock himself out.
  2. sluggish or befuddled from or as from the use of narcotics or alcohol.

Origin of dopey An Americanism dating back to 1895–1900; dope + -y1 Related formsdop·i·ness, dop·ey·ness, noun Related Words for dopy lethargic, dazed, comatose, dreamy, drugged, heavy, indolent, lackadaisical, languid, lazy, restful, sluggish, somnolent, soothing, soporific, tired, torpid, nodding, slumberous, dopy Examples from the Web for dopy Historical Examples of dopy

  • I have studied every line of old Randall’s notes till I’m ‘dopy’ myself.

    The Tyranny of the Dark

    Hamlin Garland

  • It was some hot out there on the water, son, and Im inclined to be dopy.

    The Outdoor Chums on the Lake

    Quincy Allen

  • I was thinkin of you an gettin kind of dopy when some one says over the fone “This is the General.”

    “That’s me all over, Mable”

    Edward Streeter

  • Beneath that dopy somnolence of manner his senses were alert and his eyes were usually the first to see distant game.

    In Africa

    John T. McCutcheon

  • I tell you it’s all worked out, Jenkins—all figured out while you were dopy in your bunk.

    The Wreck of the Titan

    Morgan Robertson

  • British Dictionary definitions for dopy dopey dopy adjective dopier or dopiest

    1. slang silly
    2. informal half-asleep or in a state of semiconsciousness, as when under the influence of a drug

    Derived Formsdopily, adverbdopiness, noun Word Origin and History for dopy dopey adj.

    1896, from dope (n.) + -y (2).

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