dornick 1or dor·neck [dawr-nik] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for dornick on noun

  1. a stout linen cloth, especially one of a damask linen.

Origin of dornick 1 1400–50; late Middle English dornyk, after Doornik (French Tournai), where the cloth was first made dornick 2[dawr-nik] noun

  1. a small stone that is easy to throw.

Origin of dornick 2 1830–40, Americanism; Irish dornóg small casting stone (literally, fistful) Related Words for dornick cloth, bedding, lingerie, lawn, thread, paper, damask, napery, cambric, brabant, dornick, toile Examples from the Web for dornick Historical Examples of dornick

  • Dornick, a kind of stout figured linen fabric used for table-cloths, and generally chequered.

    The New Gresham Encyclopedia


  • British Dictionary definitions for dornick dornick 1dorneck noun

    1. a heavy damask cloth, formerly used for vestments, curtains, etc

    Word Origin for dornick C15: from Doornik Tournai in Belgium where it was first manufactured dornick 2 noun

    1. US a small stone or pebble

    Word Origin for dornick C15: probably from Irish Gaelic dornōg, from dorn hand

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