dotard [doh-terd] Word Origin See more synonyms for dotard on noun

  1. a person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person.
  2. doater2.

Origin of dotard Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at dote, -ard Related formsdo·tard·ly, adverb Related Words for dotard wimp, tottering, faltering, floundering, trembling, coward, misfit, crybaby, baby, chicken, pushover, invertebrate, dotard, jellyfish, square, fogy, stick-in-the-mud, granny, fusspot, decrepit British Dictionary definitions for dotard dotard noun

  1. a person who is weak-minded, esp through senility

Derived Formsdotardly, adjectiveWord Origin for dotard C14: from dote + -ard Word Origin and History for dotard n.

“imbecile,” late 14c., from dote + -ard.

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