double feature

double feature

double feature Word Origin See more synonyms for double feature on noun

  1. a motion-picture program consisting of two films shown one after the other for the price of a single ticket.

Origin of double feature An Americanism dating back to 1930–35 Also called double bill. Related Words for double feature doubleheader British Dictionary definitions for double feature double feature noun

  1. films a programme showing two full-length filmsInformal name (US): twin bill

Idioms and Phrases with double feature double feature

Also, double bill. A program consisting of two full-length films shown for the price of a single ticket. For example, It was a double feature and lasted five hours, or The women’s conference had a double bill, first speakers from China and then visiting guests from the rest of the world. This expression is occasionally loosely used for other paired events (as in the second example). [c. 1930]

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