double-ripper [duhb-uh l-rip-er] ExamplesWord Origin noun New England.

  1. bobsled(def 2).

Origin of double-ripper An Americanism dating back to 1875–80 Also called dou·ble-run·ner [duhb-uh l-ruhn-er] /ˈdʌb əlˈrʌn ər/. Examples from the Web for double-ripper Historical Examples of double-ripper

  • So I got out my double-ripper, and we all went out on the hill and started down.

    Harper’s Young People, March 8, 1881


  • One of these was the double-runner, or double-ripper as it was sometimes called, rather ominously.

    Old Plymouth Trails

    Winthrop Packard

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