double tape

double tape

double tape noun

  1. See under magnetic tape.

magnetic tape noun

  1. a ribbon of material, usually with a plastic base, coated on one side (single tape) or both sides (double tape) with a substance containing iron oxide, to make it sensitive to impulses from an electromagnet: used to record sound, images, data, etc.

Origin of magnetic tape First recorded in 1935–40 Also called electromagnetic tape, tape. British Dictionary definitions for double tape magnetic tape noun

  1. a long narrow plastic or metal strip coated or impregnated with a ferromagnetic material such as iron oxide, used to record sound or video signals or to store information in computersSometimes (informal) shortened to: mag tape

double tape in Science magnetic tape

  1. A plastic tape coated with iron oxide for use in magnetic recording.

double tape in Culture magnetic tape

A device for storing information, in which signals are recorded by lining up small bits of magnetic materials in the coating on the tape. Ordinary tape recorders use magnetic tape.

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