double-wide [duhb-uh l-wahyd] Examples adjective

  1. twice the usual width: double-wide mobile homes consisting of two sections bolted together.

Also dou·ble·wide, dou·ble-width [duhb-uh l-width, -witth or, often, -with] /ˈdʌb əlˈwɪdθ, -ˈwɪtθ or, often, -ˈwɪθ/. Examples from the Web for double-wide Contemporary Examples of double-wide

  • When Raymond was growing up, Strawberry Patch Road was a place of lonely roads and double-wide trailers.

    The CIA’s Last-Minute Osama bin Laden Drama

    Tara McKelvey

    May 10, 2011

  • Historical Examples of double-wide

  • When she died, he ended up here in his double-wide and never left.


    Cory Doctorow

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