Doumergue [doo-merg] Examples noun

  1. Gas·ton [gas-tawn] /gasˈtɔ̃/, 1863–1937, French statesman: president of France 1924–31.

Examples from the Web for doumergue Historical Examples of doumergue

  • A sigh passed between his lips, and Doumergue had gone with the rest.

    A Soldier of the Legion

    Edward Morlae

  • The Doumergue Ministry resigned soon after the elections which it had carried through.

    A History of the Third French Republic

    C. H. C. Wright

  • The curious bibliographical history of the book is given in Doumergue, Jean Calvin, ii.

    A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

    Thomas M. Lindsay

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