Dowell noun

  1. Sir Anthony. born 1943, British ballet dancer. He became director of the Royal Ballet in 1986

Examples from the Web for dowell Historical Examples of dowell

  • For many years a Mrs. Dowell carried on the business of tobacconist here.

    The Memorials of the Hamlet of Knightsbridge

    Henry George Davis

  • A portion of the fleet under Admiral Dowell was ordered to co-operate.

    The Egyptian campaigns, 1882 to 1885

    Charles Royle

  • Both Houser’s and Dowell’s data indicate a higher percentage of soft-shelled turtles collected than any other species.

    North American Recent Soft-shelled Turtles (Family Trionychidae)

    Robert G. Webb

  • I think I ought to tell you, Dowell, that I haven’t any feelings at all about the girl now it’s all over.

    The Good Soldier

    Ford Madox Ford

  • Lieutenant Dowell was waiting at the moment on board the Ruby while his own boat was receiving a supply of rockets.

    Our Sailors

    W.H.G. Kingston

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