dowery [dou-uh-ree, dou-ree] Examples noun, plural dow·er·ies.

  1. dowry.

Examples from the Web for dowery Historical Examples of dowery

  • If this be the accurate reading, Grainnes dowery must have formed an element in the conflict.

    Dean of Lismore’s Book


  • And jest at this time the dowery in Loontown fell onto Elnathan, so that they all come East.

    Samantha at the World’s Fair

    Marietta Holley

  • In conformity with this conception the Libyan maidens earned their dowery by their surrender.

    Woman and Socialism

    August Bebel

  • Women who had been convicted of adultery, were compelled to give a part of their dowery to their deceived husbands.

    Woman and Socialism

    August Bebel

  • This dowery he regards as the equivalent of, and as fatal to him as the treasures of the Argive Helen were to Menelaus.

    Traditions, Superstitions and Folk-lore

    Charles Hardwick

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