down East

down East

down East ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. New England.
  2. the state of Maine.
  3. Canadian. the Maritime Provinces.


  1. in, to, or into New England.
  2. in, to, or into the state of Maine.
  3. Canadian. in, to, or into the Maritime Provinces.

Origin of down East An Americanism dating back to 1810–20 Examples from the Web for down east Historical Examples of down east

  • One of the first discoveries of our earlier humorists was the Down-East Yankee.

    The American Mind

    Bliss Perry

  • And so you think you want to marry this down-east country girl, do you?


    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Half of the fun, chuckled Brad, was the way he hit off the Down-East dialect.

    Center Rush Rowland

    Ralph Henry Barbour

  • “No, they’ll bombard one of our down-east seacoast cities,” said another.

    Fighting in Cuban Waters

    Edward Stratemeyer

  • One was a down-east Yankee, as I believe they are called, and the other was a guzzling German.


    Jack London

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