download [doun-lohd]Computers. ExamplesWord Origin verb (used with object)

  1. to transfer (software, data, character sets, etc.) from a distant to a nearby computer, from a larger to a smaller computer, or from a computer to a peripheral device.


  1. software, data, etc., that has been downloaded: the best free music downloads.
  2. the act or process of downloading.

Origin of download down1 + load Related Words for downloading load, compute, program, run, digitize, computerize, initialize, input, keyboard Examples from the Web for downloading Contemporary Examples of downloading

  • Going to The Ball, signing up for JDate, downloading JSwipe are all modern-day rites of passage.

    The Craziest Date Night for Single Jews, Where Mistletoe Is Ditched for Shots

    Emily Shire

    December 26, 2014

  • My Beats experience has been just as frustrating as my previous forays into streaming and downloading.

    25 Things I Want from an Online Music Service (and Almost Never Get)

    Ted Gioia

    June 30, 2014

  • If you proceed, it will only be a few hours until some hacker in Tehran is downloading your electronic correspondence.

    Iran Is Using a Neocon to Hack Its Foes

    Eli Lake

    May 30, 2014

  • Getting started can be as simple as downloading one or more tracking apps to increase awareness about your health.

    Hack Your Health: 6 Biohacks That Might Surprise You


    December 4, 2013

  • They discovered this by tracking the IP addresses that were downloading illegal content.

    This Is Why SOPA Failed

    Ilana Glazer

    January 18, 2013

  • Historical Examples of downloading

  • They were easiest to solve with the whole team, downloading tons of dojinshi files and scouring them for answers to the puzzles.

    Little Brother

    Cory Doctorow

  • British Dictionary definitions for downloading download verb (tr)

    1. to copy or transfer (data or a program) into the memory of one computer system from a larger one
    2. to broadcast specialist programmes, for such groups as doctors, outside normal broadcasting hours. They are often recorded on video tapes and viewed laterCompare upload
    3. esp Canadian to delegate or assign (work, responsibilities, costs, etc) to a someone at a lower level of an organization; off-load


    1. a file transferred onto a computer from another computer or the internet

    Derived Formsdownloadable, adjective Word Origin and History for downloading download

    1977 (n.), 1980 (v.), from down (adv.) + load (v.). Related: Downloaded; downloading.

    downloading in Science download [doun′lōd′]

    1. To transfer data or programs from a server or host computer to one’s own computer or digital device. Compare upload.
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